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Meeting Minutes Sept 2013

R4 General Membership Meeting

September 22, 2013 at The Benefit Ride, Decatur, Texas


Meeting called to order at 4:15 PM. No roll call. All BOD members except Charon Howell were present.

Invocation by Phil Brodersen.

Minutes from R4 BOD meeting held June 22, 2013 at The Neu Ranch House Restaurant in Gainesville , TX were read and approved.

Interim President Jean Green announced that we are going to delay the Treasurers report until after Region 4 Benefit

Ride so that the ride financials can be included. This will be posted on the R4 web site and in the Newsletter once it is updated..

Committee Reports:

Larry Gould asked about the Linda Reuland Memorial award. The BOD decided on a 1st time competitor high point award at applicable rides. Susan Cooper has agreed that a nice map holder is an acceptable award.

Nomination report from Patti Hicks: Ballots have been mailed. Postmark deadline is Oct. 5th. Number of returns already indicates we will have a good voter turn out.

Welcome Chair, Patti Hicks: NATRC R4 Logo caps for members are available for sale through Brenda Hagler’s business.

Patti has possession of the Region 4 owned caps for 1st time competitors to distribute at the rides.

Sanction Coordinator, Patti Hicks: Ride calendar for 2014 will be emailed to ride managers for verification. Louisiana Purchase will be held March 8-9, 2014. Alice Yovich is managing Without a Trace May 3-4, 2014. Land run will be moved to April 26-27.

RONS (Rider Owned Number System): Jonni Jewel has volunteered to take over the RONS.

Old business:

Liz Scott & Becky Rogers are revising Volunteer Hours and the point distribution. .

Discussion to give volunteer hours to horses doing other jobs other than safety. Everyone agreed it is a good idea. Tabled until Patti has a proposal.

By-law changes:

Article 4 section 5. How official vacancies are filled. Motion to accept by Carla and seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Article 7 Membership clarification. Motion to accept by Shirley Brodersen. Seconded by Elaine Swiss. Motion carried.

Article 9 Sect.1a & 1c to change the dates for nomination and voting. Motion to accept Elaine Swiss, Second by Carla Jo Bass. Motion carried.

Article 9 Sect. 1 b to allow signed ballots instead of anonymous, numbered ballots. Motion by ? Seconded by ? Motion carried - 4 opposed.

Motion to Adjourn.



Treasurer's Report


Photographic support provided by