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BOD Meeting Feb 23, 2014

Region 4 NATRC Board of Directors Meeting
Sunday February 23, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:45 am. Board members in attendance: Jean Green, Jim Edmondson, Kris Hapgood, Shirley Brodersen and Carla Bass.

Other attendees: LeeAnn Dreadfulwater, Becky Lucht, Annette Thurlow, Peter Yovich, Larry Gould, Elaine Swiss, Rene Teeman, Cheryl Edmondson

Jean read the minutes from the previous meeting of September 22, 2013. Kris Hapgood motion to approve the minutes, Carla Bass second. Motion passed.

Shirley Brodersen presented the treasurers report. September balance $14.494.30, Year End balance $20,339.13. Balance as of 2-19-14 (prior to convention monies) $13.339.68. Shirley also presented the 2014 budget. Carla Bass motion to approve the budget, Kris Hapgood second. Motion passed.

Jean Green read Patti Hick’s nomination report. Patti mailed over 200 ballots and 93 ballots returned.

New member report – Jean Green read Patti Hick’s report. Jean reminded all ride managers that clinics should be sanctioned for insurance purposes. There are currently 12 rides scheduled for 2014. Jean read letter from Patti regarding the 2015 ride schedule. Ride managers need to work through Patti for scheduling.

Jonni Jewell reported that 27 people have renewed their ride numbers for RONS. Eleven (11) of them through 2015. Need to put a 1 on some vests for B riders. Eleven (11) more want numbers but haven’t paid yet. All unpaid numbers will be released March 1st.

Becky Rogers reported that the average cost of awards was $25 thanks to a generous board member for donation. Becky volunteered to do awards again for 2014. The old High Average Trophy has been retired by Jonni Jewell and Hank. Jean Green and Charlie DeArmond have donated a new one.

Peter Yovich – website – no report

Annette Thurlow reported that the Region 4 Benefit judges will be Valerie Bixler DVM and Jerry Sims. She suggested a box on the sanction form for clinics. Right now it is a separate form.

Jean Green suggested possibly Region 4 sponsoring some national awards. Discussion.

Carla Bass read motions that were made and approved by e-mail:

  • On 12-12-13 – Shirley Brodersen motion to produce a ride book for 2014. Patti Hicks 2nd. Ride book will include ride name, date, directions with reference to regional website and membership directory. Motion passed unanimously.
  • On 12-24-13 - Shirley Brodersen motion to nominate Katie Weir and Phantom Sheik for Region 4 volunteer and Region 4 non-competitive horse of the year. Carla Bass 2nd. Passed.
  • On 2-15-14 - Carla Bass motion to appoint Shirley Brodersen as treasurer for 2014. Kris Hapgood 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.


Kris Hapgood discussed the convention. The attendees want education. Nancy Loving stated that our group was the most engaged audience she has ever seen. Convention was a good success. There were over 100 people for the seminars. She had excellent feedback from vendors. Peter Yovich stated that he needs to disable the convention registration page on the website. Jim Edmondson plans to put together a convention flashback with the videos he took. He may ask the speakers for permission to post the videos for NATRC.

Jim motion to adjourn at 8:40 am.

Respectfully submitted by Carla Bass

Photographic support provided by