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BOD Meeting Mar 1, 2015

Region 4 Meeting Minutes for Mar 1, 2015
Baymont Inn & Suites, Decatur, TX
Meeting was called to order at 8:23 am by Jean Green.
In attendance: Jean Green, Patti Hicks, Shirley Brodersen, Jim Edmondson, Kris Hapgood, Marjorie Shenkir, Carla Bass. Also, Alanna Sommer, Maddie Hebert, Marti Benson, Barbara & Larry Gould, Becky Rogers, Alice Yovich, Maggie Steinke, Cheryl Edmondson, Misten Milligan, Elaine Swiss & Phil Brodersen.
Jean announced the e-mail vote to appoint Shirley Brodersen as Treasurer was approved.
Shirley Brodersen motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Patti Hicks second. Passed.
Treasurer Report – Shirley Brodersen - $13,225.47 at end of October 2014.  $14,752.07 current before the start of convention.  Carla Bass motion to accept the treasurer report, Marjorie Shenkir second.  Passed.
Budget for 2015 was passed out and presented.  Carla Bass motion to approve 2015 budget, Kris Hapgood second.  Passed.
Membership Report – Patti Hicks – There are 15-20 first time competitor caps left, 11 stethoscopes & 6 working watches in the ride supplies.  Discussion regarding supplies.  Patti Hicks was assigned to review equipment annually.
Ride Schedule – Elaine Swiss – Hill Country ride has been cancelled due to ranch being unavailable.  Rest of the spring rides are the same.  The is currently no ride scheduled for September.  Robbers Route Oct 3-4, new ride at LBJ Grasslands managed by Cheryl Edmondson called Grasslands Gamble with the Region 9 AHA Championship to be Oct 17-18, and the Region 4 NATRC Benefit will be at Lake Carl Blackwell Oct 31.  First ride for 2016 will be the 1st weekend in December, Christmas at Parrie Haynes.  Pole Canyon is scheduled for April 11-12, 2016.
Too early to give a convention report but appears that only 11 people had to cancel due to the inclement weather.
Worker Hours – no report
Election Report – Patti Hicks – Patti mailed 160 ballots, 75 returned.  Four couldn’t be counted (1 went to a junior rider, 2 were signed by the same person, 2 not signed).
Weight Cards – no report
RONS – no report
Website – no report
Points Chair – Elaine Swiss – We keep regional and national records to compare with national records.  There are 3 people interested in taking on this responsibility.  Elaine will be talking with them.
Old Business:
Region 4 Directory – Jean Green stated that Sue Singletary has the directory done.  It will be forthcoming.  There isn’t any ride info in the directory as it is on the website.
Awards – Becky Rogers – Thanked Jim & Cheryl Edmondson for all the help with photos for the awards this year.  She agreed to do awards for one more year but would like to have her replacement in training.
Elections Process – Jean Green – Survey was sent out with few responses returned:   1 – There were 14 responses to the survey regarding the ballots. Eleven (11) want to have numbered ballots, two (2) are for signed ballots. 2 – There were 6 responses to question on changing the By-Laws voting process. All were in favor.  Patti Hicks motion in order to make By-Laws change, ballot must be mailed out,  Shirley Brodersen second.  Passed.
New Business:
National news – Alice Yovich – Presented upcoming rule change proposals:
1. Boot & leg protection
2. CP National – either 65 points/ 14 rides or 75 points/ 16 rides.  Currently is 75 points/12 rides.  Consensus is that it should be the same as Open National Championship.
3. Awards – Possibly create national awards for novice because they feel shunted.
4.  Limit a novice rider to 3000 miles or other higher awards.
5.  Possible change to sweepstakes calculations.
6.  Changes to personnel titles (ie: safety to check point)
7.  Clarification in rulebook – removal of some unnecessary statements in Section 9.b, i, j, & o
8.  Clarify end of ride year.  Ride year ends after the second Sunday in November.
Jean Green discussed the need to update and/or replenish emergency first aid kit.  Should be done annually, including the packs carried by the safety riders.  Carla Bass suggested this be done by a nurse.
Kris Hapgood mentioned that non-competitive horses will get volunteer hours for trail marking & trail work, etc.  Jean Green will e-blast this out.
Next meeting May 23 at Indian Territory; then, Oct 17 at LBJ Grasslands.
Carla Bass motion to adjourn 9:43 am.
Photographic support provided by