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Indian Territory CTR Canceled


Indian Territory CTR is a NO GO... we are sad to announce. Too much moisture coming and too much base of moisture already. We will so miss putting on this ride in 2015. We will start contacting riders and volunteers directly. If you entered and got this message, feel free to text Leona Harris at (405) 880-2885 and let her know you are aware.

Louisiana Purchase Ride Results

A Ride

Horsemanship :: Open / Heavyweight

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Jewell, Jonni Ravenwood Royal Flag 98.5+
2 Gould, Larry First Rayt Investment 97.5-
3 Bass, Carla Jo Razmataz DBA 97
4 Edmondson, Cheryl Fortuna PaintedMoon 94
5 Steinke, Maggie Oliver Queen 92
0 Ray, Cheryl Secondhand Smoke 0

Horsemanship :: Open / Lightweight

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Galliher, Teresa Moonshadow 2 98.5++
2 Miller, Dolly Wildfire Storm 98.5
3 Rogers, Becky Talib Encore 98.5-
4 Van Order, Barbie Hes a Rockstar 97+
5 Kale, Cara Painted Indian 97

Horsemanship :: Competitive Pleasure / ALL

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Swiss, Elaine Petite BonSheik 99.5+
2 Zimmerman, Betsy NKR April's Jewel 99.5
3 Sommer, Alanna Moon's Movin' Out 99-
4 Hagler, Linda Calamity Jane's 44 Magnum 97
5 Yovich, Alice Tribute to Liberty 96.5
6 Prusak, Deanne TA Kaiser 95+
8 Shenkir, Marjorie Buck 10 88.5

Horsemanship :: Novice / Heavyweight

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Muench, Gayle Selket Majinsky 98
2 Smith, Gayna Croells Dancin' Kip 95.5
3 Hagler, Brenda Peddlin' the Bucks 95
4 Wines, Bridget Tally 2 91
5 Watkins, Tanya Belleton 86

Horsemanship :: Novice / Lightweight

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Muench, Fran Blue Diamond Dealer 94
2 Hailey, Ermine Jazz 7 91

Horsemanship :: Novice / Junior

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Hebert, Maddie Polka Dot 95

Horse :: Open / Heavyweight

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Ravenwood Royal Flag Jewell, Jonni 94
2 First Rayt Investment Gould, Larry 89
3 Razmataz DBA Bass, Carla Jo 87
4 Fortuna PaintedMoon Edmondson, Cheryl 78
5 Oliver Queen Steinke, Maggie 69
0 Secondhand Smoke Ray, Cheryl 0

Horse :: Open / Lightweight

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Moonshadow 2 Galliher, Teresa 91
2 Painted Indian Kale, Cara 87
3 Talib Encore Rogers, Becky 84
4 Wildfire Storm Miller, Dolly 83+
5 Hes a Rockstar Van Order, Barbie 83

Horse :: Competitive Pleasure / ALL

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Petite BonSheik Swiss, Elaine 90
2 NKR April's Jewel Zimmerman, Betsy 86
3 Moon's Movin' Out Sommer, Alanna 84
4 Calamity Jane's 44 Magnum Hagler, Linda 83+
5 Tribute to Liberty Yovich, Alice 80
6 TA Kaiser Prusak, Deanne 69
8 Buck 10 Shenkir, Marjorie 63

Horse :: Novice / Heavyweight

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Tally 2 Wines, Bridget 85
2 Selket Majinsky Muench, Gayle 85
3 Croells Dancin' Kip Smith, Gayna 83
4 Peddlin' the Bucks Hagler, Brenda 82
5 Belleton Watkins, Tanya 65

Horse :: Novice / Lightweight

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Blue Diamond Dealer Muench, Fran 88
2 Jazz 7 Hailey, Ermine 77

Horse :: Novice / Junior

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Polka Dot Hebert, Maddie 76

B Ride

Horsemanship :: Competitive Pleasure / ALL

Place Rider Name Horse Name Score
1 Accardo, Flash Woodland's Silver Reign 98.5
2 Bibb, Maranda Miki 96.5

Horse :: Competitive Pleasure / ALL

Place Horse Name Rider Name Score
1 Woodland's Silver Reign Accardo, Flash 95
2 Miki Bibb, Maranda 91


President's Message

From the Region 4 President.
If you missed the R4 Convention you missed a treat and a miracle in improvisation. Despite the awful weather, our volunteers pulled it together. Kudos to Carla Jo and Jonni and all the volunteers. 
At the R4 meeting, we decided to send out a ballot to change the Bylaws (or not) so that bylaws changes must be made by written ballot rather than at a general meeting. This is to assure that everyone gets to vote. So consider this your 30 day notice. I will send out the ballot in June. Please vote. 
Speaking of Ballots, we will have 3 openings on the R4 BOD to elect for next year as well as a National Director. Please consider volunteering to serve if you are qualified. The deadline for nominations will be sneaking up on us. There will be no extensions. The positions coming open are listed elsewhere in this Round Up.
Also, we will be seeking a Newsletter editor to replace Charon. The editor is selected by the BOD based on qualifications. If you have talents in that area, please consider applying for the position. Contact me and I will send you the job description.
Now is the time to start thinking about next years R4 convention. We need a volunteer to chair the convention committee.
Meanwhile, please support our rides. Competitive Trail Riding is what we are all about. Bring someone with you and/or advertise NATRC rides locally. I just judged a ride in Kansas that had 65 riders! If they can do it, we can do it! We need to get our numbers back up there!
Happy Trails!

2015 Region 4 Convention


Decatur Civic Center
Decatur, TX
February 27 - 28, 2015


Rooms are going fast! Make your reservations with the Baymont Inn and Suites. Call 940-627-3338 before February 9th to get the great room rates of $60 + tax for regular queen/king rooms. SUITES are all reserved!

$30 just seminar (lunch included), additional family members $20 each
$25 just banquet, additional family members $20 each
$50 for both, additional family members for banquet only $20 each
$40 for additional family members for both – use the "Seminar Jr" entry for each additional family member
$5 added for each after cutoff date of 2/9


T-shirts are included in each registration for "both". SIZE guaranteed if registered by cut-off date. Please update your T-shirt size in your RMS rider profile before registering. Extra T-shirts are available in the "additional charges". Contact Jean Green if you don't know how to do this.

Banquet choices are (must choose one):

  • Artichoke Chicken - Breaded chicken breast pan seared and topped with creamy artichoke sauce
  • Chicken Fried Steak - Hand battered in buttermilk and seasoned flour served with creamy gravy
  • Vegetable Plate - Chef's choice of vegetables

Entrees will be served with Mashed Potatoes and Italian Green Beans with mixed rolls followed by dessert of peach and mixed berry cobbler with ice cream.

The meal choices and additional family member fees are set up under "additional charges" on the RMS. Please make your choice there - $0 for meals included in the registration, or $20 for additional family members that aren't signed up for the whole convention. There is also a choice for additional family members for the seminar only.

February 28

7:00 - 8:00 am   Registration
8:00 - 9:30   *Understanding bits & bridles with Lisa Gallery
9:30 - 10:00   Break & shopping the silent auction
10:00 - 11:30   *Inside the horse with Dr. Geneve Dundas DVM
12:30 - 2:00pm   *Roadside Trailer Emergencies with NRS Trailers
2:00 - 3:30   *Legs and lacerations with Lisa Gallery
3:30 - 4:00   Break & shopping silent auction
4:00 - 4:30   Open forum
6:00 - ?   Region 4 Awards Banquet

* Denotes some of this will be outside, with horses, weather permitting.

March 1 At Baymont Inn

7:00 - 7:15 am   Church
7:15 - 8:15   Breakfast
8:15 - 12:00   Region 4 meeting


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