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Hill Country Comf-Y Classic Unofficial Result

Novice Sweepstakes Painted Indian (Cara Kale)  98
Open Sweepstakes NH Muscats Jewel (Elaine Swiss)  98
CP Combo Solidly Prinzzpled  and Kate Love
First Time Competitor Combo Moons Movin’ Out and Maddie Hebert

Novice Junior (Horse/Horsemanship)

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/1 Opportunity Knox Maddie Martin
2/2 Moon’s Movin Out Maddie Hebert*
3/4 Scarlett Danielle Abdo*
4/3 Krunur Prom Lone Star Myah Baker*


Novice Lightweight

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/1 Painted Indian Cara Kale
2/DO Moonshadow Teresa Galliher
3/2 Blue Diamond Dealer Fran Muench
4/3 Prince Laura Abdo*


Novice Heavyweight

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/2 Belleton Tanya Watkins
2/3 Jewell Marilyn Johnson*
3/4 Artex Julie Mangum
4/1 Croell’s Dancin’ Kip Gayna Smith*
5/5 Selkat Majinsky Gayle Muench*


Competitive Pleasure

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/1 Solidly Prinzzpled Kate Love


Open Lightweight

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/1 NH Muscats Jewel Elaine Swiss
2/3 Faith Heloise Lynn
3/2 RPH Queso Patti Hicks


Open Heavyweight

Placing Horse Name Rider Name
1/1 Ravenwood Royal Flag Jonni Jewell


*First Time Competitors

Location Change for Wayfarer in 2014

The Wimberley Wayfarer CTR will become the Wayfarer at Parrie Haynes in 2014. The Wayfarer, which has been held at Storm Ranch in Dripping Springs for the past three years, is moving 80 miles north to the West Side of Parrie Haynes Youth Ranch in Killeen on the same weekend as previously published, September 6-8.
“The trails were all mapped and marked for the Very Merry Parrie Christmas ride,” said Kate Love, “so it made perfect sense to use them for the Wayfarer when Storm Ranch was unavailable for this year.” Kate had been the manager for the Christmas ride and will be the Trailmaster for the Wayfarer.
The Wayfarer at Parrie Haynes will feature one-day and two-day competitions with Horsemanship Judge Kathy Shanor and Vet Judge Dr. Natalie Goldberger. Elaine Swiss is the Ride Manager. The ride will be available for registration on RMS in early April. Full electric hook-ups are available on a first-fully paid registration, first-reserved basis. The bunkhouse will also be available for camping.
Other schedule changes at Storm Ranch for the AERC Riding the Storm endurance races will also affect the 4th Annual Storm Ranch Trail Versatility Championship. This year the trophy will be awarded to the highest point earner at just two events, the Peach Hill Promenade TTC at Storm Ranch on March 29, and the Wayfarer at Parrie Haynes. For one year the trophy will be the Hill Country Trail Versatility Championship. It is expected that all three types of trail competition will return to Storm Ranch in 2015.

A Very Merry Parrie Chirstmas :: Cancelled

From the ride manager Kate Love:

RIDE HAD BEEN CANCELLED. JUDGES CANNOT SAFELY MAKE TRIP HERE FROM KANSAS. ICY ROAD CONDITIONS IN NORTH TEXAS ARE A CONCERN TOO. This is very frustrating for me, I have donated 60 comp time hours to get the trails in, and had to appear before the County Commissioners to get a cease and desist against the Hunters on adjoining properties to not hunt before 2 o'clock PM on the 7/8. But I could never live with myself if something happened to one of my friends trying to make this ride. See you at the Louisana Purchase in March!


Presidents Message

The 2013 Ride year is coming to an end. We have had some great rides this year. A special Thank You to all of our brave and wonderful Ride Chairs and volunteers. Watch for the Fall Round Up for more news.

At the general meeting at the Region 4 Benefit ride, we voted bylaw changes that will make our election process easier in the future. The new bylaws are posted here. You can read the minutes to this meeting here along with the delayed Treasurer's report here. Looks like we are financially sound. That says a lot about the way the Board has handled the business of Region 4 over the last few years when times have been hard.

The 2014 ride schedule has been put together and finalized. Ride Chairs and/or Secretaries will soon be getting their ride information on the web page, so keep checking the "Events..." tab to plan your next ride year.

One of the most important EVENTS will be the National Convention to be held in Region 4 this year. Check the NATRC web page for all the information and registration. Thanks to Kris Hapgood and her team for taking this on!

The election results for 2014 are:

President:      Jean Green
Secretary:     Carla Jo Bass
Director:        Kris Hapgood
Director:        Jim Edmondson


The Region 4 Alternate Director for 2014 will be Jean Green

Thank you all for voting and special thanks to those who have agreed to serve Region 4.

Jean Green
President of Region 4

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